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RSNA 2022

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Precision Oncology: Empowering radiologists with AI-driven workflow for better clinical decisions in cancer patients

Arterys, as part of Tempus, is the first cloud-based intelligent diagnostic platform that combines imaging, genomics, and pathology data to empower physicians to make more accurate & data-driven clinical decisions. In this presentation, we will showcase our AI-based oncology platform and demonstrate how it provides comprehensive cancer patient reporting and follow-up through a smart and efficient workflow. Arterys enables physicians to make more informed treatment decisions, supports drug companies to make better drugs, and helps patients live longer and healthier lives.

Speaker Dr. Maya Khalifé a medical imaging enthusiast. She has 10+ years of experience combining medical imaging and machine learning to create healthcare solutions and impact patients’ lives. Her research focused on MR and PET imaging and methodology. Her mission at Arterys is conceiving and building the radiology platform of the future to deliver tangible clinical value.

Arterys has joined Tempus, and we are excited to reintroduce ourselves to you as Tempus Radiology.
Tempus is a leading technology company that is advancing precision medicine through the practical application of data and artificial intelligence in healthcare. By joining forces, Arterys’ product will be integrated into Tempus’ solutions, enabling providers to access a comprehensive patient view (now inclusive of radiology scans) and researchers to leverage this new data modality to optimize the drug development process.