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AI gets real.
Your All-in-One Neuroradiology Platform.

The Neuro AI platform is a vendor neutral comprehensive suite of clinically useful AI neuroimaging applications that provide physicians with fully automated, and easy-to-interpret customizable reporting -- facilitating fast and accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions for stroke, neurodegenerative disease, multiple sclerosis and brain tumor patients.

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Fast Decisions


Make faster and more data-driven treatment decisions – reducing delays in identifying and acting on patients with abnormal brain medical images when time is critical

Consistent Results


Access standardized results – minimizing variability associated with subjective interpretation

More Productivity


Reduce tedious manual tasks and increasing productivity with access to automated and quantitative brain imaging analysis and customizable reporting

Optimized Workflow


Anytime anywhere access to results through a single user interface zero-footprint viewer and an internet connection - No on-premises hardware required.

Ease of Integration


One integration and user interface to gain access to all AI and images with no app switching cost

Neurodegenerative Disease


The Neuro AI platform solution for neurodegenerative disease uses AI-based segmentation that provides an accurate and consistent quantitative evaluation of T1-weighted MRI brain scan. The solution offers an automated report that allows users to view a comparison over time, enabling measurements that were impossible to obtain within the time constraints of the clinical workflow using a manual approach.

AI-powered by Combinostics

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Neuro Degenerative

Multiple Sclerosis


The Neuro AI platform solution for multiple sclerosis is an automated, reproducible, and accurate tool to detect and quantify white matter lesions on FLAIR MR images. Therefore it delivers an efficient, objective disease activity assessment and determines the best course of treatment. The solution provides data-driven lesion tracking and standardizes reporting for a more efficient workflow and improved communication for both clinicians and patients

AI-powered by Combinostics

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MS Dementia (1)

Stroke Suite


Time is brain when it comes to detecting stroke. Using deep learning technologies with robust validation processes to match real-life expectations, the Neuro AI platform’s Stroke Suite detects and prioritizes acute LVO and ICH cases, analyzes CT and MR perfusion, and notifies the radiologist and the care team within their existing systems and workflow.

AI powered by Avicenna and Cercare Medical

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Stroke (9)

Cerebral 4D Flow

The Neuro AI platform’s Cerebral 4D Flow is the only solution on the market that leverages Arterys’ 4D flow post-processing technology to visualize and quantify flow measurements in the carotids and intracranial vessels. Cerebral 4D Flow is the only available solution that demonstrates early hemodynamic changes in arteriovenous malformation and monitors blood flow in aneurysms and stenosis. It also provides tools to assess the blood flow of pediatric patients and enables physicians to better plan interventions and stents.

4D Flow (14)

Neuro-Oncology Suite


The Neuro-Oncology Suite is part of the Neuro AI platform and it provides tools to non-invasively diagnose and follow up on brain tumors. This solution offers a robust algorithm to distinguish tumors from pseudo-progression with >95% accuracy.

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