· VUNO Med-LungCT AI accurately detects and quantifies pulmonary nodules. It automatically provides size, volume, nodule type, location, calcification, and spiculation.

Value Proposition

· An automatic report based on the calculated Lung-RADS category is produced to assist in managing pulmonary nodules.

· VUNO Med-LungCT AI’s follow-up registration and nodule matching improve the efficiency of comparing serial CT scans.

· Operation settings can be customized between sensitivity-oriented for high-risk patients and specificity-oriented for efficient screening.

· VUNO Med-RadLab features a search engine and dashboard of all the detected nodules and their characteristics as well as radiomic features.

Intended Use

Lung CT images under 3mm slice thickness

Model performance metrics

92.8% sensitivity / 1 false-positive per scan (LUNA16 dataset)



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