Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) is a powerful MRI method that probes abnormalities of tissue structure by detecting microscopic changes in water mobility (i.e. diffusion) at a cellular level beyond what is available with other imaging techniques. Since DWI and its derived parameter, apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), are correlated with cell density, DWI has the potential to detect invading tumor cells, which are often invisible on standard anatomical imaging. ADC maps give absolute measures of tissue water diffusion in units of mm^2/sec on a per voxel basis.

Value Proposition

IB Diffusion calculates (ADC) maps, and other diffusion parameters such as Intra Voxel Inherent Motion (IVIM), Extrapolated b-value, and stretched exponential (Alpha diffusion and DDC). ADC values have been shown to be useful in the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of all solid tumors.


IB Diffusion can reside as an automated post-processing application within any clinical environment. When networked as a DICOM node between the scanner(s) and PACS, computed diffusion maps are automatically processed and routed to the PACS for interpretation within seconds of DWI data acquisition.

Intended Use

b-values are read directly from DICOM image headers

The standard two-point and other linear fit ADC calculations are implemented

Vendor neutral


Imaging Biometrics, LLC