Automated and quantitative, Delta T1 Maps allow for objective and easy visual determination of TRUE contrast enhancing regions - eliminating confounding factors such as blood products and other artifacts.

Value Proposition

It is well acknowledged that central readers (neuro radiologists) disagree up to 50-60% of the time when determining contrast enhancing regions on conventional T1w images. Delta T1 maps make the visual determination objective and easy. Moreover, a July 2019 AJNR publication demonstrating the Delta T1 maps can predict response to treatment sooner as compared to typical imaging.


Fundamental to any neuro exam that has pre- and post-contrast T1-weighted images acquired. Delta T1 maps employ an image-intensity standardization algorithm that translates the relative MR intensities to a fixed scale independent of scanner vendor, field strength, patient, or time point. This makes them truly quantitative and detect subtle areas of enhancement while eliminating confounding signal due to blood products.

Intended Use

Axial T1 weighted (pre- and post-contrast) are the preferred inputs to generate quantitative Delta T1 maps. The maps are best viewed when a "Flow" (red/blue) color look up table is applied.


The pre- and post-contrast T1w images should be acquired in the same scan session with consistent parameter settings.


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