EchoGo Core delivers rapid Strain and Ejection Fraction analysis, automating calculations from the LV. It is the first and only solution to fully automate Strain analysis with zero variability as part of a service.

Value Proposition

Unlike traditional software, there is no manual selection of scans or manipulation of contours. EchoGo Core automates this and delivers a report back within minutes, giving you confidence in clinical evaluation and more time to focus on patient care.


EchoGo Core automatically calculates cardiac function and delivers a report. The EchoGo service receives studies from PACS and anonymizes them before sending them to a secure cloud for analysis. There is no need to manually send scans or perform any action in the software, EchoGo Core does the work so the clinician can focus on patient care. Reports with measurements are sent back and attached to the study in PACs for review as part of the clinicians standard reading workflow.

Intended Use

We analyze Dicom US images.
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### Ultromics is a global health technology firm which provides autonomous echocardiography analysis through innovative AI solutions empowering physicians to make fast, accurate decisions when diagnosing cardiovascular disease.


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