The Arterys Marketplace makes medical imaging AI apps available to anyone in the world—all you need is a Chrome browser and an internet connection.

Discover unlimited applications, all from one web viewer.
One interface. Many apps.
Unlock new possibilities.
Unlimited applications.
Using one viewer.
Whether you need a lung, brain, or liver application, they’re all are available on the Arterys Marketplace. Discover AI applications across a variety of modalities and pathologies. Now, you have the ability to access multiple applications with one viewer, one single interface and one URL making everyday workflow much easier.
Freedom to choose
AI For You.
Integrate AI into your workflow with the Arterys Marketplace. Search, select a model, and interact with your AI-enhanced studies in just a few clicks.
Continuous innovation
Always get better.
With the help of an ongoing feedback loop, the AI models in practice continue to improve. Arterys AI applications keep getting smarter, giving clinical users increased confidence in the results.
Workflow integration
The most integrated way to experience AI in medical imaging.
Arterys web viewer is fully integrated into your clinical workflow and IT infrastructure. Open any AI app on the Arterys Marketplace from your patient worklist and in one click publish the results to your reporting software.
How to get started
Getting set up is simple.
Start by creating your user account. Download and install the Arterys Edge to integrate Arterys to your workflow and push studies automatically. Select your apps or build your own.
Build your own apps
Join the Arterys Developer Program.
Be among the first innovators to drive value with AI by bringing your models to clinical practice. Upload your AI model, create an AI app, and distribute it.
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