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by Arterys®


AI gets real.
Your AI-Assisted Chest CT Analysis Software.

Lung AI helps physicians analyze and track lung nodules by automatically processing Lung CT scans to deliver improved speed, efficiency, and accuracy of diagnostic decisions.

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Improve Efficiency


Achieve an average time saving of 44% per study with automated measured segmentations, longitudinal tracking, and customizable reporting

Consistent Results


Increase inter-radiologist agreement for study-level nodule presence from as much as 67-77% to 73-87% with robust, reproducible and standardize reporting

Improve Accuracy


Reduce the rate of missed nodule detections by up to 70% with easy-to-interpret automated analysis and customizable reporting

Optimized Workflow


Anytime, anywhere, access, seamless integration with existing PACS, EHR, worklist, notification, and dictation systems

Ease of Integration


One integration and user interface to gain access to all AI and images with no app switching cost

Nodule Detection


Automatic detection* of solid, part solid, and ground glass nodules. Our interactive workflow allows the user to add, edit, or delete detections with automatic updates to quantitative information.

*Detection is for research use only in US
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Customizable messages into worklists providing prioritization and exam insights. Automatic Study Flagging

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Intelligent Analysis and Reporting

Automated, single-click nodule segmentation and real-time updates to quantitative measurements for segmentation edits. The long axis, short axis, volume, Hounsfield units, and comparison values are calculated and displayed. Nodule information is included in reporting with configurable integration options

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A dedicated scoring panel for screening examinations to assign Fleischner - Lung- RADS criteria that captures key calculations and comparative values between studies. Users have the ability to change baseline exam date for more accurate recommendations of characteristic changes

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Longitudinal Tracking

Whether you have one or many studies to compare, Arterys has your back. Automatically longitudinally track lung nodules across multiple exams over time with tabular and graphical progression. Quantification of nodule progression with key metrics of nodule changes over time.

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