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Patient Navigation And New AI Technology In Breast Health Highlighted At SBI-ACR 2022

Patient Navigation And New Tech In Breast Health Highlighted At SBI-ACR 2022

Earlier this month, the American College of Radiology's Society of Breast Imaging Symposium, SBI-ACR 2022, was held in Savannah, GA. The event was well attended, both in-person and online, and highlighted patient navigation in cancer care and new breast risk assessment technologies and health solutions.

Arterys at SBI-ACR 2022 

breast ai eventWe connected with many radiologists and guests at our booth during the four-day event at the Savannah Convention Center. Our community continues to share ways to improve accuracy, efficiency, and precision screenings at these events.

Patient Navigation

Patient navigation was a recurring topic at the event. This relatively new concept refers to the individualized care provided to cancer patients, families, and caregivers to ease multiple barriers and facilitate timely access to qualified medical and psychosocial care. Patient navigation has become a healthcare buzzword as organizations strive to increase program efficiencies and system retention rates. We expect to hear more about this in upcoming cancer health conferences.  

Breast Health Care Advances

As we announced in a recent press release and shared at SBI-ACR, we signed a global distribution agreement with iCAD, Inc. to launch a new Breast AI SaaS solution. This partnership expands access to iCAD's full suite of breast health solutions on Arterys' fully cloud-native platform. 

The Arterys Breast AI solution offers:

  • 3D & 2D CAD
  • Density assessment and reporting
  • Risk tools based on TC8 and mammographic risk
  • Genetic risk opportunities based on triage
  • Patient management & compliance tools

You can learn more in the brief video below.


Meeting Breast Health Care Challenges

There was a lot of discussion on the current challenges impacting radiologist practices at SBI-ACR. Unsurprisingly, COVID-19's impact on budgets making it difficult for practices to take advantage of some of the new breast health care technologies, is one challenge.

Additionally, radiologist burnout and fatigue have been front and center this year, especially as breast centers move to digital tomosynthesis. From 4 images to over 200 has overwhelmed some radiologists. 

In addressing these two specific challenges, we refer radiologists to how our Breast AI solution can help. Specifically:

  • There is no capital equipment required—the SaaS solution is accessible on a low yearly subscription.
  • As study data volumes increase, radiologists need a more effective experience streamlining complex workflows. Breast AI seamlessly integrates with existing PACS, EHR, worklist, notification, and dictation systems, ensuring exams are read accordingly and consistently.

Want to Learn More About Breast AI?

We would love to provide you with a demo of Breast AI, giving you an overview of how it is an innovative solution for breast cancer detection, measuring breast density, and assessing personalized risk. The software offers clinically proven benefits to clinicians and patients. Schedule a demo today to learn more!

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