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Imaging Wire Q&A: Arterys’ AI Journey

In this Imaging Wire Q&A we sat down with Arterys CEO and co-founder, John Axerio-Cilies, PhD, to discuss medical imaging’s AI and cloud evolution...

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A Hospital Strengthens Its Strategy for the Medical Imaging in the Emergency Department with AI

Each year, in France, 8 million medical images are taken in the emergency room. 4 examsout of 5 will be interpreted directly on site by an emergency...

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New AI lab at UMass Focuses on Thoracic Imaging

Nov. 13, 2020. A new research laboratory at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) in Worcester, MA, has launched this week with the goal of...

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How to build an AI that works? (and get paid!!)

AI in Radiology Can Happen (even) Without Radiologists!

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