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New All-in-One Neuroradiology Platform To Be Showcased at ASNR 2022


Next month, the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Neuroradiology will be held in tandem with the Symposium Neuroradiologicum XXII in New York. The Arterys team will be in attendance at Booth 112 and eager to share our new Neuro AI platform, that features powerful neuroimaging solutions.

ASNR22 - 60th Annual Meeting!

In its 60th year, this incredible event brings together thousands of neuroradiologists and neuroimaging scientists to discuss the latest in neuroradiology research and technology. 

The lineup will include specialty programming from ASFNR, ASHNR, ASPNR, ASSR, and SNIS and include topics on artificial intelligence applications, something Arterys will contribute to.  

On Sunday, 5/15, Dr. Peter Chang and Dr. Andreas Rauschecker will present Introducing A New All-in-One Neuroradiology Platform: Neuro AI by Arterys.

copresenters aterys neruo ai 2022
The co-presenters will demonstrate Arterys' Neuro AI platform and introduce two new neuroimaging solutions that are now available:

  • A stroke suite that streamlines detection and quantification of stroke lesions (full details here)
  • A white matter lesion quantification solution to aid in assessing patients with multiple sclerosis and dementia (full details here).

Dr. Chang brings a unique perspective arising from his experience as a radiologist physician and full-stack software engineer with over a decade of experience building FDA-cleared tools used in hospitals worldwide. 

Dr. Rauschecker's research focuses on developing artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and quantify clinical brain MRI in the context of a variety of pathologies. He also has a background in studying the organization and function of the human brain's visual system using fMRI, DTI, and electrocorticography.

The co-presenters will take questions about the Neuro AI platform and its capabilities.

Arterys' All-in-one Neuroradiology Platform

Want to learn more about Neuro AI? Arterys' Director of Product Management on Clinical Applications, Maya Khalifé, PhD, talks to The Imaging Wire about how the platform delivers real clinical value through AI by incorporating radiologists' workflow.

HubSpot Video

Connect with us at ASNR22!

ASNR22 will be hosted at the New York Hilton Midtown on May 14-18th. You can register for the event on this link. To schedule a private demo of Arterys' Neuro AI solution at the show, click below.  

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