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Incidental Detection Using Chest I MSK AI Solution From Arterys At CSE

AI powered detection in radiology case study

Review a case study highlighting Arterys Chest I MSK AI solution in practice. Our application enables fast and thorough x-ray reading through AI-powered detection.

Patient Case Study

This case study involves a patient in her sixties, referred for shoulder pain following a traumatic fall. X-rays of the shoulder and scapula were requested. The radiologist's eye focused primarily on the regions of interest, and no fracture of the humerus was noted, which was confirmed by the AI.

However, the AI highlighted two rib fractures in these incidences that, in context, might have gone unnoticed by the radiologist. However, by using the Chest | MSK AI clinical application radiologists are able to identify more abnormalities for a complete analysis. Using this technology the radiologist was able to confirm there was a humerus fracture and detect fractures that explain the patient's symptomatology.

chest xray case study_1

chest xray case study_2

chest xray case study_3

chest xray case study_4

Overseeing Physician


Dr. Vincent Sebban has been using the Arterys Chest MSK I AI solution daily, allowing his team to improve workflow significantly. The solution quickly and reliably obtains numerous automatic measurements on specific radiographic assessments.

Dr Vincent Sebban

  • Product Advisor for the Chest MSK AI Solution
  • Associate at the CSE, Paris 10, Member of the Imaging Excellence Group
  • Former Chief of Clinic Assistant of Paris Hospitals Specialized in Visceral and Pediatric Imaging
  • Former Chief of Clinic of the Radiological Emergency Department

The Solution

The Arterys Chest | MSK AI application enables fast and thorough reading of emergency radiographs by providing AI-powered detection and rule out support with a user-friendly interface. In addition to the seven pathologies, a diagnostic assistance of several more illnesses is at your disposal via the Arterys Marketplace. Mix and match various algorithms to suit your needs in x-ray workflow.

To learn more about the capabilities of Chest MSK AI in diagnosis and 

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