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ASNR 2022 Highlighted Critical Challenges and the Latest Tech Solutions

ASNR 2022 Highlights Critical Challenges and New Techniques and Solutions

Neuroradiologists and other radiology subspecialties face unprecedented challenges, with this month's ASNR annual event highlighting critical problems and showcasing the latest techniques and solutions to address them. Artificial intelligence came out on top, with some robust options now available on the market. Catch our conference recap!

The Event

asnr teamArterys attended the 2022 ASNR Annual Meeting and Symposium Neuroradiologicum XXII at The New York Hilton Midtown on May 14-18 to promote our new Neuro AI platform. This conference was an excellent opportunity to network with industry experts and learn about the latest technological advances. 

Our team connected with guests at our booth and had two neuroradiologists experts present Introducing A New All-in-One Neuroradiology Platform: Neuro AI by Arterys. You can watch that brief presentation below:

HubSpot Video

Current Challenges for Neuroradiologists

No matter what session or booth you visited, a resounding theme was that neuroradiologists are in need of finding ways to do their jobs more efficiently and productively. With imaging, volumes continuing to increase and the number of new radiologists and qualified technologists not keeping pace, workflow efficiency will continue to figure prominently in discussions about the specialty’s future. On top of this, there is ongoing and mounting pressures impacting the entire radiology industry:

  • Declining reimbursement and resulting financial pressures: More recently, Medicare cut the radiology industry reimbursements by 11%
  • Productivity, Burnout: Studies reveal that radiologists spend 44% of their time performing non-interpretive tasks, which is frustrating because these take away from diagnosing, assessing, and predicting disease progression.
  • Prohibitive costs and technical challenges: Integration into on-prem PACS/EHR/etc. is costly and difficult to manage across multiple accounts.  
  • Complex Workflows: Neurologists need to purchase and host multiple AI solutions to address different workflows and pathologies in their daily routine.
To address the current pressures on neuroradiologists, a lot of vendors at the show presented medical imaging solutions/clinical applications that:

  • Provide effective and efficient integration into relevant clinical workflows
  • Enable physicians to practice better, faster
  • Automate tedious low-value work (reducing the number of mouse clicks!)   
  • Can be remotely accessed   
  • Include interactivity - clinical applications need to be intelligent with AI built-in 

Artificial Intelligence in Neurology

The other strong theme at ASNR 2022 was artificial intelligence. Many sessions were aimed to help attendees understand the current spectrum of artificial intelligence (AI) applications, provide use cases demonstrating AI in clinical workflow, and highlight considerations to guide AI implementation. Many presenters focused on helping those reluctant to adopt AI into their practice understand where the benefits are.

How Arterys Solves Current Challenges for Neuroradiologists

As noted, we presented the incredible capabilities of our Neuro AI platform. The cloud technology is curtailed to work with existing workflows and is very stable, secure, and can limitlessly scale. Feature highlights of Neuro AI include:

  • One SaaS Solution for all Neuroimaging Needs: 

Physicians at ASNR were particularly receptive to the fact that through Neuro AI, you can access a broad set of neurological applications, eliminating the need to hire multiple vendors that tend to over complicated workflows and diminish efficiency. Applications include solutions for stroke, neurodegenerative disease, multiple sclerosis, and brain tumor neuroimaging.

  • A Disruption-free Solution that Immediately Adds Value:

    We designed Arterys to be a natural part of radiologists' workflows. Our platform is much like having a junior resident embedded into your PACS, speeding, reporting, and giving you a second set of eyes. We heavily focus on building intelligent, clinically useful applications that will help from Day 1. 
  • Seamless Workflow Integration:

    The Arterys platform is cloud-native and zero-footprint, meaning nothing is installed onsite, with no PHI in the cloud. On top of this, Arterys can integrate with your PACS, EHR, worklist, and dictation system. Our web-based applications can deliver better user experiences and performance than traditional on-prem architectures.

  • Interoperability:

    Neuroradiology is more distributed than ever, meaning new technologies and approaches to give authorized physicians and other care team members a highly performant and secure experience, whether within the health system, at home, or at a conference. Access is available anywhere anytime securely, with no VPN, with a delightful performance.

Learn How Your Practice Can Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Want more information about how cloud native technology and AI can help your practice increase efficiency and improve the overall effectiveness of healthcare delivery. Check out our white paper detailing:

  • Why cloud is gaining popularity with radiologists
  • The key misconceptions about cloud in the clinical environment
  • How AI improves cloud tech for radiologists
  • And much more! 

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