Upload your data and models to the Arterys Marketplace, build AI clinical apps, share them with colleagues, collaborators, and clinicians.
Instant deployment/ Viewer
From AI model to clinical applications in minutes.
Once you've trained your model, it’s easy to upload to the Arterys Marketplace and build an AI app using the Arterys deployment environment. Arterys will provide you a viewer, backend, and integration infrastructure for you to quickly build the best AI app. In minutes, it’s ready to be published.
Global distribution
Distribute your AI apps worldwide.
Connect with a global audience on Arterys Marketplace bringing AI to clinical practice. Send your model with one URL and invite others to try it with their own data—all they need is a Chrome browser and an internet connection.
Feedback to improve your apps
Get meaningful feedback by accessing insights and analytics.
See who, how, and where your AI is being used. With Arterys Marketplace Analytics, you’ll have insights to help clinicians leverage your innovation to provide better care.
Open platform
Designed for everyone.
All are welcome. From startups to researchers to independent developers, all AI developers are welcome to share their AI apps.
Community of innovators
Create new apps with a global community.
Discover your next project by connecting with other model developers and innovative imaging specialists around the world, passionate about bringing AI into clinical practice.
How to get started
Getting set up is simple.
Try a free demo of the Arterys AI Marketplace and start testing with your medical images today.
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