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Accelerate R&D. Reach prospects. Get paid.

Go code-to-clinic in weeks, not years.

AI Model

Bring your models online.

Put your AI on the Arterys Labs for free. It’s the fastest way to get your algorithms into the hands of doctors around the world.

Get started by checking out the Arterys SDK and submitting your algorithm. Once your model is online, Marketplace users around the world can upload their own data and interact with your algorithm’s analysis in our US Class II FDA diagnostic viewer. Arterys will work with you during the handoff process, which usually takes 1–2 weeks.


Accelerate research on your team, at your lab, or in collaboration with other institutions.

Test your algorithm on real studies in high volumes.

By installing Arterys’s Edge service at your academic institution, you have the option to process large volumes of DICOM images to validate models in development. Unlock new opportunities to collaborate with other developers and researchers. Improve your model by gathering clinical feedback and new data to improve performance.

Reach Prospects

Reach prospects and demonstrate value at the speed of light.

Once your model is on Arterys Labs, sharing it with clinical collaborators and prospects is as easy as sharing a YouTube video.

All you need to do is send a URL that points to a page with the information you provided about your model. Recipients can try your model with their own data by dragging and dropping images into their web browser. A link to the Arterys FDA-cleared clinical viewer with the results of your model’s analysis is delivered directly to a user’s inbox. There’s zero configuration, setup, or payment required. Users have the option to donate their data to a pool available to developers and researchers, which you may use to retrain and improve your model.


Connect with a new global community, working toward a shared mission.

There are hundreds of clinical researchers, scientists, and engineers from around the world meeting each other, sharing data, validating models, and providing feedback on the Arterys Labs Slack group.

Members represent a wide variety of organizations, from leading academic institutions to venture-backed startups to independent community members who want to contribute to bringing this technology to clinical practice. The Arterys Labs community Slack group is a great place to meet new collaborators, scope projects, design multi-site studies, exchange datasets, and help others improve their models.


Achieve regulatory clearance with support from Arterys.

Select developer partners — who have demonstrated the clinical value and potential market demand for their model — have the opportunity to purchase services from Arterys’s best-in-class regulatory team to move their model through the clearance process.

Arterys has received 8 FDA approvals, including the first for a deep learning–powered product, and its products are approved for use in over 100 countries. For FDA regulatory support Arterys supports 2 options:

  • Option one: If your company has a strong brand and a model with market demand where you only lack regulatory resources, we can provide you those resources to achieve regulatory in the U.S. and/or internationally.
  • Option two: If your company has a compelling model with market demand and would like to leverage the Arterys Brand, we can help you commercialize your product.

To get started all you need to do is upload your model to the Arterys Marketplace (please see section above: Bring your models online).


Get paid.

Arterys provides developers the only medical AI platform with uncapped upside.

Once your model is online, existing Arterys users at hospitals around the world can purchase access to high-volume analysis. And you get paid.