The New Cardio AI Atrial Volumes Feature Has Arrived

We're excited to announce the launch of one of our most requested features – our new Atrial Volumes feature. This feature allows cardiologists and radiologists to easily quantify volumes for both left and right atria in cardiac MRI images to aid in the diagnostic process! 

This new Atrial Volumes feature is included in the latest Cardio AI software update automatically pushed to the entire Cardio AI install-base and is available for customers to use now!

Easy to Interpret and Consistent Results

With the new Atrial Volumes feature, Arterys Cardio AI users will now be able to:

  • Quickly obtain atrial volumes using biplanar LAX function 
  • Easily edit contours and access results that automatically transfer to the Arterys report
  • Select images to create volume and view automated quantification of volume and the long dimension
  • Users can view raw and index atrial volume values
  • Make more efficient and consistent diagnostic decisions

The New Cardio AI Atrial Volumes Feature Has Arrived


Optimized Workflow

Cardio AI does not require on-premises hardware, and results are accessible from anywhere and any device through a single user-interface zero-footprint viewer and an internet connection. It seamlessly integrates with Powerscribe or Fluency dictation software ensuring exams are read accordingly and consistently.  

Want to Learn More About the Arterys Cardio AI Clinical Application and the Atrial Volumes Feature?

Arterys Cardio AI can help your practice increase diagnostic efficiency and improve the overall effectiveness of healthcare delivery. A team of physicians developed Arterys' platform to ensure our AI solutions are clinically useful. We provide the most effective clinical workflow available through a single integration point. Let us show you how!

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