Lung AI Solution Proves Quick and Reliable in Nodule Detection

Discover through a Radiologists' clinical experience how Lung AI helps physicians analyze and track lung nodules by automatically processing Lung CT scans to deliver improved speed, efficiency, and accuracy of diagnostic decisions. 
Dr. Saloura Eleanna

Dr. Eleanna Saloura is an Attending Radiologist at the Department of Computed Tomography at Sakarellos Diagnostic Center in Greece.  She has been using Lung AI, an advanced lung imaging technology that employs artificial intelligence (AI) for over a year.

AI-enabled technologies allow radiologists to detect and track suspicious lung nodules efficiently and effectively.

Dr. Saloura describes her experience and the capabilities of the technology:

 “I’m currently working for a diagnostic center and I have been using nodule detection for every case over the past 6 months. Typically, I review the exam first and then compare my findings with the findings of Arterys' Lung AI Solution.

The Lung AI solution is very useful in detecting nodules that are close to small arteries and small bronchi that are difficult to identify. It has a high sensitivity in detecting nodules, larger than 3 millimeters but it also can detect smaller nodules. Nonetheless, the smaller nodules are less impactful to the clinical decision-making process.

In parallel, we need to take into consideration the medical history of the patient, and the Lung AI solution provides more information related to the size and density of the nodules. With this additional information, the physicians can make more accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions.

Overall I think the Lung AI Solution is fast and reliable as a second opinion."

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Learn More About Arterys' Lung AI  

Discover how AI and cloud computing are expanding the possibilities for nodule detection in our white paper Innovations in Lung ImagingThe information presented includes:

  • Thoracic CT: A Key to Lung Cancer Survival
  • LDCT Imaging Challenges
  • Artificial Intelligence and Applications to CT
  • Deep Learning and Nodule Detection
  • Deep Learning and Workflow, Tracking, and Reporting
  • Cloud Computing: The Key to Advanced Imaging Analytics

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