Combining AI With Imaging For Post-Traumatic Pain Assessment

Here we present a case study that highlights the Arterys Chest I MSK AI solution in practice. Our application enables fast and thorough x-ray reading through AI-powered detection.

Patient Case Study

In this case, the Arterys Chest I MSK AI solution was used to read the patient's X-ray images. The X-ray study revealed a subtle bone tear on the dorsal surface of the carpus.

Ultrasound (non-invasive and non-irradiating examination) was performed afterward, and it confirmed the same diagnosis and allowed the physicians to identify the specific bone that was impacted (classic fracture of the dorsal aspect of the triquetrum).

Scans from the case are below:

Capture d’écran 2022-06-06 à 16.07.12
clinical use case ai imaging_3
clinical use case ai imaging_4
clinical use case ai imaging_5
clinical use case ai imaging_6

clinical use case ai imaging_7

Another demonstration of the MSK AI Solution at work can be seen in our post Patient Case Study Using Arterys' Chest I MSK AI Solution at CSE.

Overseeing Physician

dr sebban

Dr. Vincent Sebban has been using the Arterys Chest MSK I AI solution daily, allowing his team to improve workflow significantly. The solution quickly and reliably obtains numerous automatic measurements on specific radiographic assessments.

Dr. Vincent Sebban

  • Associate at the CSE, Paris 10, Member of the Imaging Excellence Group
  • Former Chief of Clinic Assistant of Paris Hospitals Specialized in Visceral and Pediatric Imaging
  • Former Chief of Clinic of the Radiological Emergency Department

The Solution

The Arterys Chest | MSK AI application enables fast and thorough reading of bone and chest radiographs by providing AI-powered detection with a user-friendly interface. To learn more about the capabilities of Chest MSK AI in diagnosis schedule a demo.

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