What is MRI 4D Flow?

4D Flow is a fast acquisition, free-breathing scan that captures anatomy and flow in one chest exam.

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What can you do with Arterys 4D Flow?

Obtain precise flow measurements anywhere on the 4D heart

Semi-Automated flow with Eddy Current Correction (ECC) for improved output and reproducible results.

Visualize what you couldn’t see before

Full heart visualization to support a more informed diagnosis.

Rapidly quantify cardiac function

Quantify LV/RV stroke volume, ejection fraction, cardiac output and mass in minutes to expedite analysis.

The ability to do 4D flow really has the potential to quantify valvular lesions with an accuracy we haven’t had the ability to do before - in doing that you have the confidence to make a decision about a therapeutic strategy.

- Dr. Anthony De Maria, former editor of the Journal of American College of Cardiology

How can you use 4D Flow in Clinical Practice?

Visualize complex congenital heart disease

View and easily measure abnormalities, flow connectivity and distribution.

Evaluate valvular disease with precision

Precise quantification of regurgitant flow and cardiac function.

Clearly visualize and quantify shunts

Assess flow directionality and quantify Qp/Qs.

Quantify advanced aortic disease hemodynamics

Quantify precise regurgitation and cardiac function to support a more confident treatment planning.

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